Additional Services

In addition to our wide range of regular domestic & commercial services we are able to provide additional services that may be of interest to you this season.
Some of these services such as Winter tree pruning are available seasonally while others such as border creating and bark chipping are available all year round.



Winter Tree Pruning

The best time of the year for pruning is during winter once the leaves have dropped, this allows for the tree to be easily shaped up and thinned out allowing light and air to reach the center of the tree. 

Scarifying, Weed & Feeds and Moss Treatments

Scarifying is an important way to keep your grass healthy, over time thatch build up can block grass from growing and allow moss and weeds to thrive, scarifying will remove the thatch and dead grass. Adding a weed and feed to a scarified lawn will help your grass thrive, and is a lawn care service we can provide. 


Conifer lopping, topping & pruning

Conifer lopping, topping and pruning are great way to manage a large conifer hedge row that needs maintenance.
Lopping will reduce any high reaching branches, Topping will flat top the hedge row to one height and Pruning is ideal for raising the tree up or thinning out.

Leaf Clearing

Autumn leaves can leave your grounds or garden very messy and can take a long time to clear, we can provide effective leaf clearing as a regular service or perhaps as a one off visit throughout the season to ensure you are left with a clean well-kept outdoor area!


Low Maintenance Borders

We can able to create stunning borders all year round tailored to suit your garden, ranging from border creation, border weeding & clearing, fresh bark & stone chipping or possibly even perhaps a removal of your existing border for something new.


Fencing Repairs & Renewals 

Strong winds and weathering can damage your garden fence and sometimes having a completely new fence installed is not required.

We can provide repairs & renewals all year round to provide you with the easiest option for your fencing problems.

Concept design and Landscape creation

Sometimes the best way to visualise an idea is to see it! we are able to take an idea you may have or create one for you tailored to you landscape requirement to use as a visual aid with the quotation.
We can supply different design ideas as seen below, leaving the choice down to you to select which idea you would prefer.
Our 3D garden designs can be supplied with any landscaping quote we provide. 

Sleeepr Second Design.png
Design of Border Sleepers.png
Large Round Border.png
Ruta Garden (2).png