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Moss Treatment Power Spraying

Power jet spraying is one of the best ways of removing unwanted moss and weeds from your driveway, the build up can become very thick and chemical treatment can take a long time to completely kill of the moss/weeds.

On Wednesday (25/11/2015) the team undertook a power jet spray on a front drive in Milton Keynes, as you can see from the photos their is a clear build up of moss and the colour of the drive has faded from weathering. From power spraying the could has been fully restored and each crack in-between the bricks has been completely removed, leaving a clean restored finish.

Power spraying is a quick and easy process and the full length of the job from start to finish was one day. The cracks between the bricks will next be filled with sand to secure the bricks into place and give the drive a final finish.

Loftus Landscapes are able to offer Jet Power Spraying at a competitive rate and are able to undertake the service should it be for Fencing, Paving/Driveway or Building


Before Power Spraying:

After Power Spraying:

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