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Hedge Trimming & Reductions

We proudly provide a hedge trimming and reduction service and take pride in leaving all our hedge work to a high standard, should that be a regular trim for a maintenance contract or a one off hedge shape up and tidy. 

Below is a short list of the type of hedge trimming services we regularly undertake:

Regular hedge trimming: Weekly or fortnightly regular hedge cutting both domestic and commercial. 
Hedge reductions: Reduction of existing hedge/hedgerows.
Hedge removal and clearance work: complete removal of shrubbery and roots including removal or green waste.
Planting: we can create a planting scheme for your garden or  grounds complex, this includes preparing the ground and planting of sourced shrub/hedges.
Conifer trimming, topping and reducing: Regular or one-off trimming to conifers, Topping and reducing can be needed when conifers get to big.


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