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Fencing Services

We can provide a wide range of different fencing services, built to suit you.
Our full range of fencing services include:

Concrete and timber frame panel fencing: using panel fencing gravel board and wood posts we can create a strong timber panel fence, we also provide this service using concrete materials. 
Close board fencing: Traditional close board is a fantastic way to give your garden a strong secure and beautiful looking, finished fence that will last years to come.
Picket fencing: Small picket fencing can be an attractive option for a front garden, or possibly around a vegetable plot or children's play area, with a wide range of different slats and builds available we can build a quotation to you specific wants and needs.
Batten wall screening:  Creating a batten wall can cover up a dull or existing area or create a new beautiful scene in your garden. once build, sanded and treated a batten wall section can be a fantastic addition to your garden.
Metal fencing: We can create a plan for installing metal fencing, a great addition to many front gardens.
Concrete spur installation: If a wooden fence post has rotted over time and had snapped in the wind, sometimes all a fence needs for repairing is the instillation of a concrete spur onto the rotten wooden post, this offers a cost effective means of repairing fencing without replacing large sections! 
Repair or renewal to existing fence: We can also provide repairs to existing fences, such as renewing of close board feather edges, fence post repair, panel replacement and general repairs.
Fence painting and treatment care: another service we are able to provide is fence painting, staining and treatments to wood.

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