Raised bed garden creation

From concept to creation, we were asked to create a plan for a full garden conversion into a vegi plot allotment!

We began by removing existing turf, trees, roots and stumps and began building our sleeper beds!

Once we had those finished, we lined the insides with a DPC to prevent excess moisture rotting the inside of the timber.

Fresh blended compost was then brought in with each bed filled!

We then set about installing a French drain system along with excess drainage holes to help aid water out of the garden during the wet months.

Weed preventing membrane was fitted and pegged down with a large amount of mixed crushed stone aggregate added on top to provide a solid underfoot area to walk on inside the vegi plot.

A base for a large greenhouse was also created to allow for a beautiful center piece to the garden.

The project was finished with a cage and meshing being applied, this helps keep unwanted guests out of the vegi area.

Overall really happy with this one!

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